From macro, micro to nanoscale analysis

The Advanced Materials VIP is bringing together expert speakers from across the globe and cover a range of topics spanning across Advanced Materials, from 2D Materials, Nanocrystals, Thin Films to Surface Treatments and more.

Further details of the event including key speakers and the full agenda will be announced imminently.


Graphene and other 2D Materials

Chairman : Jérémy Brites (HORIBA)

Ping-Heng Tan (Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences) - China

The technique of ultralow-frequency Raman spectroscopy and its application in 2D Materials
Plenary Speaker

Mahfujur Rahaman (Technische Universität Chemnitz) - Germany

Brightening the Dark Excitons in 2D Systems 

Otakar Frank (J.Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry) - Czech Republic

Raman and PL Spectroscopy of 2D Materials: Resolution Matters

Zhengzong Sun (Fudan University) - China

Precise Editing on Graphene Surface

Thin Films & Semiconductors devices 

Chairman : Patrick Chapon (HORIBA)

Patrick Maletinsky (University of Basel) - Switzerland

Nanoscale magnetometry with single spins
Plenary Speaker

Hendrik Spende (TU Braunschweig, Institute for Semiconductor Technology) - Germany

PP-TOFMS: Use Cases in Semiconductor Technology

Ina T. Martin (Case Western Reserve University) - USA 

Active Control of Interfaces in Thin Film Solar Cells for Performance and Stabilization

Nanocrystals, Nanoparticles & Quantum Dots

Chairman : Marc Chaigneau (HORIBA)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the event free?

Yes, the event is completely free. 

Can I register to several talks?

Yes, you can register to all of the talks.

If I am not available for the event can I rewatch the webinars?

Yes, you can register and we will send you a link to rewatch the webinars.


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